Scandalous: Erotic Power Play stories


Do you like some sex with your scandal? Then this book is for you – hot stories of taboo encounters with powerful people.

For readers interested in: alpha males, Domination and submission, forbidden sex, and more.

This book contains graphic sexual situations, sensual BDSM, and explicit erotic behavior. Readers run the risk of arousing their minds and their loins with these of kinky tales.

Scandalous: Erotic Stories About Powerful People includes:

Playing with the Politician’s Power

Lena’s an intern for the hot Congressman Cassius Thorpe. She wants him, but she’s not the kind of intern to sleep with her boss. And he’s not the kind of politician to take advantage of his intern. Or is he? With a little role play, they might find that they’re both freakier – and kinkier – than they thought. But will Lena’s secret threaten the congressman’s power?

This story contains role playing, bondage, forbidden sex and more!

Law and Ice

Viv’s a quirky, carefree girl stuck in a hot apartment with stuffy lawyers at her roommate Susan’s party. Then the one guy who might be able to spice up her heat stumbles between her legs. Together, they find the ice, but what will they find to do with it? And who will have the power in the end?

This story contains power play, oral sex, anal play, and more!

Daddy’s Judgment

They call the judge Daddy, and Daddy rules the courtroom. Candace wants nothing more than to please him, but she’s gonna have to get naughty. Can she take her punishment and be Daddy’s little girl?

This story contains over-the-knee spanking, public play, Domination/submission, and more!

Plus excerpts from Temptation’s Pages and Tie Me Up, Set Me Free, also by Zee Giovanni.

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