Poetics: An Erotic Short Story


Major and Dasia are two poets in love: with each other, with the power of words, and with really wild, freaky sex!

When Major surprises Dasia at a poetry reading one night, she can’t help but get a little…excited!

And when Dasia gets excited she’s not shy about taking what she wants, no matter where they are. And that’s just why Major loves her!

This short steamy public sex story features two of our favorite new characters in the Sweet Juice Publishing family! For more stories like this go to sweetjuice.org.

This is the perfect read for fans of literary erotica, black erotica, Black BDSM, African American erotica, Domination and submission, African American BDSM, public sex, mw, kink, bdsm, romantic erotica, oral sex and romance stories.

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