Casey eased the white earbuds into his ears as the computer screen on his desk opened a window showing the business meeting, already in progress. Casey was in his work cubicle but this wasn’t one of his company’s teleconferences. This was something special.

The video conference streamed from the boardroom of Master Plan Ventures, where Malik Masters sat at the head of a long table in front of the floor to ceiling window that overlooked downtown San Francisco. These offices were his kingdom, the boardroom his inner chamber and the young CEO looked regal with his mocha skin and charcoal tailored suit.

4 other well dressed men sat in chairs around the office and Casey noticed that another 4 people were logged in from various European cities.

“Ah” Malik said to the room as he noticed Casey’s avatar appear on the screen on his desk.

“Gentlemen, it’s time to get started, I see that my tech consultant has joined us. Casey is working on a special project for me and will be observing our meeting. He’ll just be in the background. Pay him no mind.”

As Malik talked a stunning dark skinned black woman sashayed into the room and placed water glasses beside each businessman. Despite her professional dress, Casey could see that the coal black woman had a phenomenal body-thick thighs and ass that strained against her knee length business skirt. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun and she wore slim glasses that gave her a look that was simultaneously professional and domineering. Casey ran his tongue across his lips and wondered what it would be like to serve such a delicious woman.

As she glided past Malik, the woman casually flicked a switch underneath his desk and a second video feed popped up on Casey’s screen. Casey’s small dick started to rise as his “special project” came into view.

This feed was private and not broadcast to the rest of the room. The camera was attached to the bottom of the desk, near Malik’s open legs. As the lens adjusted Casey marvelled at the close up, high definition view of Lauren, the redheaded love of his life, on her knees between Malik’s powerful thighs, quietly suckling his black cock.

She slowly nursed the big black pacifier and Casey’s dick strained against his khakis as the sound of her dreamy moans began in one ear, and talk of acquisitions and buyouts continued in the other.

Casey glanced back at the other screen where his neighbor-and his girlfriend’s increasingly dominant lover-sat listening to the foreign businessmen’s presentation.

mnd-3-coverSitting forward in his chair with his hands steepled in front of him, Malik had an excellent poker face. As the businessmen blabbered about cost benefit analysis and long term forecasting, the mocha skinned mogul was still as stone, not letting on how he felt about the deal or the fact that there was a curvy redhead sucking him off while these sharply dressed Europeans tried to win his favor.

Down below, Lauren’s eyes were shut tightly as she massaged the black pipe with her throat, oblivious to everything but cock. She’d been sucking Malik almost daily for months and had become quite the accomplished cockslut. She loved the way he stretched her mouth to its limits and the comforting feeling of fullness and submission.

Casey watched as his girlfriend’s throat expanded to accept her lover. The bulge in her esophagus grew bigger and the thick 11 inch snake sank deeper into the gullet of the woman he’d one day be calling his wife.

She’d slide down a few inches, pause, then let her lips drift slowly back to the tip before pushing herself down just a little further.

As she worked, trails of saliva slipped from her overflowing mouth down to her naked breasts. Casey could see her hands moving off screen and he knew that the horny slut was rubbing the sex juices all over her huge tits. The sight of his formerly shy, geeky girlfriend turning into a submissive cock lover was too erotic to resist and as her lips touched the base of Malik’s massive shaft for the first time, Casey wanted nothing more than the grab his rigid dick and coax out the massive come load simmering in his balls.

Lauren released a low, satisfied growl and for the first time opened her sparkling baby blues to look directly into the camera. Casey felt like she was staring directly into his soul. She knew how much this turned him on, how much seeing her being used for the pleasure of this dominant black man fed a deep need inside of him that was growing stronger by the day.

But while Casey liked to think this was all for his enjoyment, he knew the truth. As much as their new sex life enthralled him, and as much as he knew that his long term girlfriend still loved him more than anything, the sleepy, lovesick look in her teary eyes spoke volumes.

Just as Lauren was seeing her boyfriend’s true nature she was also finally coming to understand her own desires. She was thrilled that Casey was willing to come on this new journey with her, because Malik’s dominant personality and massive black cock had unleashed parts of her desire that would have been almost impossible to contain had he objected.

Casey knew this and he understood. And he too was overjoyed that they’d finally found a dynamic that worked so well for both of them. He was just lucky to get to watch. Now he just needed to come!

As Casey struggled with his own desires, Malik let go a subtle “mmm,” the first noise he’d uttered since the meeting began. The men around the table and on the video conference perked up slightly at this restrained approval, thinking that they were finally winning over the influential tech investor. But Casey chuckled to himself, wondering if the moan was, in fact, caused by an especially effective slide in their Powerpoint deck, or by the especially effective fellatrix whose lips were currently wrapped around the base of his powerful shaft!

After about an hour, the men wrapped up their presentation and the meeting drew to a close. Malik stayed seated but looked satisfied. He informed the men that he’d be making a decision soon and to expect a call from his CFO. Soon after, the sexy assistant reemerged and ushered them out of the door.

When the dark skinned beauty returned she removed the camera still trained on his girlfriend’s eager sucking. The picture rattled briefly then, with the steady hand of someone who’d filmed scenes like this several times before, Malik’s assistant captured the scene of oral lust as it unfolded against the downtown San Francisco skyline.

Malik backed away from the large oak table, his suit pants hanging open, his black shaft sticking straight out like a divining rod. Lauren followed his dark beacon like a starving woman, shuffling forward on her knees and desperate to continue feeding on her master’s tasty treat.

“You did very well, pet.” Malik looked down at her and she beamed with pride.”Time for your reward.”

Lauren eagerly crawled to where he’d positioned himself in front of the big window. In one fluid motion she inhaled the big slab of meat and sank her lips deep into his crotch.

“Mmmmm” she moaned as the salty precum poured onto her tongue. She loved the way Malik tasted and was convinced she’d be able to live off just his rich come if given the opportunity. She shivered at the thought and sucked her cheeks tighter, swallowing and drawing his fuckstick deeper her mouth.

Like a snake engulfing its prey, Lauren stretched her jaws and flattened her tongue as her throat opened to accept her lover. Malik grabbed her ponytail and pressed her mouth down further, occasionally lifting her throat so that she could get a quick gulp of air before plugging her again.

Malik stood in his expensive tailored suit as the naked, needy vixen slurped cock at his feet. The people going about their business on the Bay Bridge and in the nearby office buildings had no idea the kinds of debauchery taking place in the executive suites high above them!

Thick strands of clear saliva pooled in the corners of her mouth and dripped down as Lauren pushed her face down to the root of the huge dick. She looked up at him with expectant eyes.

“Please Sir. More.”

Malik smiled and grabbed the back of her head, roughly shoving her face back down onto his cock. Lauren whimpered and opened her mouth as the thick 11 inches slipped back down her loosened throat. She took the entire cock to the hilt before Malik began guiding her face back and forth along the length, fucking her face like a well used pussy.

“Gwahh, mmmm, mmm” Lauren moaned as the big dick disappeared inside her. She could feel the spit and precum dangling from her breasts and one hand went up to massage the love juices into her heavy tits. She tweaked her nipples and moaned around the cock in her mouth.

Malik loved the excited vibrations on his shaft and bent down to slap one of her jiggling melons as he face fucked her. The sharp jolt sent shivers through Lauren’s body and she moaned and growled like an animal.

“That’s right bitch, get excited” Malik said as he continued slapping her swaying melons and ravaging her eager mouth. He could tell she wanted to come and the bubbling in his balls told him that it was only going to be a matter of moments before he was coating her throat with his own thick elixher.

“Play with that pussy slut! Let your boyfriend see you come with a mouthful of my nut!” Malik instructed and Lauren’s hands flew to her needy pussy. She dipped two fingers of one hand deep into her hole and began massaging her clit with the other, knowing that she would come soon. The sensations pulsing through her top and bottom lips driving her closer and closer the the edge.

Casey watched as Lauren’s sucking shifted into overdrive. She’d been slowly nursing him under the table for almost an hour and was ready for her prize. They all were.

Casey writhed in his cubicle as he watched the scene. Taking a quick look around to make sure no one was looking, he slipped his hand down to the front of his khakis and rubbed his small cock through the fabric.

On the screen Lauren stroked the huge phallus with both hands as she lathered the plum sized head with her spit.

Then, Malik uncapped his fire hose.

The first shot caught Lauren across the bridge of her nose and she closed her eyes as the next several volleys covered her face and began to drip down, hot along her neck and collarbone.

Malik then shoved the big head back into her mouth and Casey watched as she milked the shaft, gulping down his thick shake as it poured from the tip.

“Fuck Yes Slut! Swallow it all! Swallow all of your master’s cock!”

As soon as tasted her Master’s creamy gift Lauren shuddered and shook as her own orgasm wracked her body, releasing all of the lust and desire she’d built up over the last hour on her knees. She mewled like a kitten as she drained the tangy milk from her lover’s pulsating rod. Another orgasm shot through her as she sat there fingering her dripping pussy and hypersensitive clit.

Casey couldn’t hold back anymore as the front of his slacks became drenched and sticky with his seed. He’d have a hell of a time explaining his condition if any of his had decided to stop by by his work station at that moment.

But as he watched the curvy black woman step up and scoop the thick strands of their Master’s come into his lover’s mouth, Casey knew that that was a chance he was more than happy to take!

Excerpted from The Master Next Door v3.

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